Hello friends, 

I have been working on a new venture! A podcast about spirituality and resilience, through the lens of the Biblical Psalms.

The question I’m exploring is: how do the Psalms, and music, and other spiritual resources such as these, help us through difficult times – through times of personal or collective trauma? 

How do the psalms lift our spirits? 

I’m inviting friends and respected teachers to speak with me on the connections between spirituality and resilience. My guests will be from a variety of backgorunds – theologians, social workers, hymnwriters, musicians, spiritual directors, clergy, acadmeics, mental health practitioners, and anyone interested in the intersection of spirituality and the lived experience. 

Through personal story, field research, and theological reflection, we will delve into the psalms and how they intersect with people lives and areas of expertise. 

For me, this is pure joy. When I record my conversations, I’m in a beautiful spot overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Rathlin Island – and I get to connect with people near and far to talk about things we’re passionate about.

I hope you will join us on the journey!


Podcast Episodes:

Ep. 1 Finding Your True Home, with Amy Ruth Schacht

Ep. 2 Holding the Adversity and the Joy, with Sara Cook

Ep. 3 How Singing Together Makes Us Better, with Brian Hehn

Ep. 4: Examining Our Spirits in the Mess of Everyday Life, with Pádraig Swan

Ep. 5: Creating Rivers of Resilience in Wearying Times, with Erin Hayes-Cook

Ep. 6: Building Bridges of Salaam (Peace) through Song, with Eric Sarwar

Ep. 7: Shepherding through the Rugged Terrain of the Valley, with Kate Wiebe

Ep. 8 Uncovering Deep Grace in a Year of Turbulence, with Karen Campbell

Ep. 9: Speaking to Each Other Across our Depths, with Avivah Zornberg

Ep. 10: Leaning into the Cycles of Darkness and Light, with Barbara Brown Taylor

Ep. 11: Loved in Our Unfixed State, with Paul Hutchinson

Ep. 12: Breaking the Silence about Mental Illness, with Sarah Griffith Lund

Ep. 13: Transformed by Grief into Agents of Change, with Sunder John Boopalan

Ep. 14: Listening in the Silence for What is True, with Brother Thierry

Ep. 15: Hope is Stronger than Fear, with Denise Bradley

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