Upcoming Retreats for 2022:

Online Retreat 2nd January 2022

Silent Retreat (in person at Corrymeela) 25-27 February 2022

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“Sing a New Song” Retreat with Paul Hutchinson, 2nd January 2022

This retreat will focus on the theme, “Sing a New Song,” and will be co-led by Mediator, Therapist and Storyteller Paul Hutchinson and Kiran Young Wimberly.

In Sing a New Song, Paul & Kiran will create a gentle reflective space using song, silence and sharing.

What sounds and songs did you grow up with?

What are the dominant songs/themes that you are hearing in the world at this moment?

What is your soul singing in these times?

How might the Psalms (ancient songs) guide us to a new song of hope and healing?

Come to ponder, listen, share and be refreshed.

Silent Retreat (in person at Corrymeela) 25-27 February 2022

This retreat offers a space to be in silence alongside a gathered community. In silence we take the time to still the swirl of daily life and really listen, deeply, to what is going on below the surface. We listen to ourselves – to our own voices, needs, pains, griefs, longings and hopes for the future. And we listen to what God might saying to us and leading us into.

Silence crosses many barriers. This retreat is open to people from a variety of religious and spiritual backgrounds.

In our silence, we accompany each other on a journey and support one another. Many of us have endured too much silence these past few years; others haven’t had enough of it. But shared silence is sacred, and by entering this retreat experience we help create the space in which we can be renewed and restored. 

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