dsc_0026-copyAlong with the McGrath family of Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, I have arranged and recorded three volumes of psalms set to Irish and Scottish melodies. Go to to hear song samples and learn more about this bridge-building project.

Here is a sample of one of our songs, based on Psalm 144.

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There is Goodness Still

Twenty years ago, I was on a plane headed from one intense situation to another, from volunteering in India after a devastating earthquake to starting a new chapter as a seminary student. When my friend and I boarded that plane, we were exhausted, we were disillusioned from a difficult journey, we had Bollywood songs floatingContinue reading “There is Goodness Still”

Monthly Newsletter: The Sheen of September, and a Welcome Video

[This newsletter appears on my Substack community called “Bless My Feet.” Click here to view the entire newsletter, including welcome video!] Things are really starting to ramp up around here now that it’s the beginning of September. I don’t know about you, but I love it when the routine of a new school year beginsContinue reading “Monthly Newsletter: The Sheen of September, and a Welcome Video”

Psalms for the Spirit Ep. 15: Hope is Stronger than Fear, with Denise Bradley

TODAY’S GUEST Today’s guest is Denise Bradley, an expert in trauma theory, particularly as it applies to people on the margins of society. Denise has extensive training the field of trauma and has spent decades helping victims of violence find healing, accompanying them as they process their experiences and eventually begin to find a wayContinue reading “Psalms for the Spirit Ep. 15: Hope is Stronger than Fear, with Denise Bradley”


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