I am an American Presbyterian minister, folk musician, spiritual director, pilgrimage leader, and mother of three. Having spent most of my life outside of the US, I have lived in Japan, India, Israel, and most recently, Northern Ireland, where I developed an avid love for Irish music, spirituality, and culture. Combining my love for travel with the spiritual life, I lead pilgrimages to Ireland for groups that seek out this enriching spiritual practice. No matter where I’ve been in the world, or what stage of life I find myself, the psalms always connected with my soul. For me, the spirituality of the psalms serves as a guide for how we might bring our whole selves before a God who is listening compassionately. I arrange psalms to Celtic melodies and have recorded two volumes with The McGraths of Dungannon, Northern Ireland. Together, we use psalms to bridge divided communities. Currently, I live in New Jersey with my husband and three children.