Psalms for the Spirit Ep. 16: Lament as a Sacred Act, with Peace Lee

Psalms for the Spirit is back with some new episodes!

It’s by chance that these new episodes are coming out during the season of Advent, but I think it’s fitting. At this time of the liturgical year we recognize our longing for a better world, and we name our hopes for justice and peace to become more fully present here on earth. Those themes are most definitely present in the Psalms, which constantly remind us that God is with us in our broken, vulnerable, beautiful humanity.  


Today’s guest is Peace Lee – spiritual director, preacher, and educator on decolonial and feminist perspectives. I had the privilege of journeying with Peace in our spirituality studies at seminary, and through that shared experience got to see not only her sharp and probing intellect but her tender, loving heart. As a member of the Korean diaspora, Peace describes herself as someone whose personal history has been marked by the larger history of imperial colonialism in her ancestral home of Korea, and also having grown up as a racial and gendered “other” in white supremacist American culture. In this conversation, we reconnect over our mutual love for the Psalms: how they can be imprinted on our hearts and come to us when we need them most, how we can read them afresh as we consider new language for them, the importance of lament in finding healing and wholeness, and how the Psalms can nourish us in building a more just and equitable world.

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More about Peace:

Peace Pyunghwa Lee (she/her) is a spiritual director, preacher, and an educator committed to decolonial and feminist praxis. Formative experiences of growing up in Korea and the Philippines and later immigrating to the United States as a preteen has imbued Peace with a humanizing and inclusive perspective. At the core of her faith is the affirmation of the sacred worth of all persons, as imago dei. 

Link to Peace’s sermon on Psalm 119


The music in this episode is by Celtic Psalms (Kiran Young Wimberly & The McGraths).

Come, Spirit, Come (Psalm 144)

How Long (Psalm 13)

The Lord is My Light (Psalm 27)

You Have Turned My Sorrow (Psalm 30)

God of My Salvation (Psalm 88 – forthcoming album)

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2nd January 2022 “Sing a New Song” Online Retreat Day with Paul Hutchinson (Therapist, Mediator, Storyteller and Podcast Guest from Episode 11)

Silent Retreat 25-27 February 2022 at Corrymeela

This retreat offers a space to be in silence alongside a gathered community. In silence we take the time to still the swirl of daily life and really listen, deeply, to what is going on below the surface. We listen to ourselves – to our own voices, needs, pains, griefs, longings and hopes for the future. And we listen to what God might saying to us and leading us into.

Silence crosses many barriers. This retreat is open to people from a variety of religious and spiritual backgrounds. It is led by Kiran Young Wimberly, Presbyterian minister and spiritual director.

Contact to book your place. 


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Whatever it is that brought you here, I’m so glad you’re with us. – Kiran

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