Psalms for the Spirit Ep. 15: Hope is Stronger than Fear, with Denise Bradley


Today’s guest is Denise Bradley, an expert in trauma theory, particularly as it applies to people on the margins of society. Denise has extensive training the field of trauma and has spent decades helping victims of violence find healing, accompanying them as they process their experiences and eventually begin to find a way forward. I know Denise from her current work with Corrymeela in which she works with marginalized groups, particularly refugee and asylum seekers in Northern Ireland. I had the privilege of seeing Denise in her element as she created a safe, warm, welcoming space for people who had gone through recent traumas, and the joy that emerged during her time with them was palpable. I wanted to learn more from Denise about how the theory of trauma relates to the Psalms, and in this conversation we talk about using the Psalms for grounding and comfort in times of fear or traumatic stress, finding inner safety that helps us move forward even when under threat, how the Psalms express all three stages of trauma healing, and about how hope is stronger than fear. 

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More about Denise:

Denise Bradley is currently Programme Manager for Marginalisation at Corrymeela, Ireland’s oldest peace and reconciliation organisation.

Since joining the staff team, she has been leading and pioneering the development of trauma informed practice as a key peacebuilding mechanism both regionally and internationally, whilst promoting sustainability for peacebuilders. She has over 25 years practitioner experience in voluntary and statutory sectors graduating with Early Years and Childhood Studies BA hons degree, Psychological Trauma Studies 1st class honours from QUB and currently a part time law student finishing MSc law, specialising in conflict, trauma and displacement . Denise is an accredited domestic and sexual and trauma practitioner, accumulating over 15 years extensive experience in leading, managing and developing specialist support services and programmes for female survivors of sexual and domestic violence in a post conflict society.

Denise is married to Paul and has 3 amazing adult sons and a gorgeous grandson who keep her grounded, alongside metal smithing and sea swimming.


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All Who Dwell (Psalm 91)

Wings of a Dove (Psalm 55)

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18th September 2021

“Refresh Your Spirit” In-Person Weekend Retreat at Corrymeela

19th-21st Nov 2021


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